(ODS) was designed specifically for businesses with delinquent customer accounts that have not yet been sent for 3rd party “collection”. On October 30,2020, CNBC reported "nearly a third of Americans with a credit file have some type of debt that's in collections.

According to a report from the New York Fed, in the fourth quarter of 2019, 4.7% of outstanding debt was in some stage of delinquency with $444 billion in delinquent debt (out of the total $669 billion in delinquent debt) classified as “seriously delinquent,” which included debts that were previously charged off but on which lenders continue to attempt to collect.

With ODS, there are NO collection costs to the Creditor. The Debtor pays 100% of our fees. NO settlement, NO fee.

ODS uses our sophisticated and proprietary Debtor-facing online debt settlement engine. With ODS, a Debtor can make a proposal to their Creditor to settle their debt by offering to pay a lesser amount than their outstanding balance.

Negotiated settlements are based solely on numerous debt settlement criteria set by the Creditor. Debtors are invited to make a settlement proposal after receiving a personalized email invitation generated by ODS using a Creditor’s delinquent accounts file as input.

ODS offers the Debtor multiple payment options to enable them to be able to afford a payment method that will satisfy their Creditor and their budget. Settlement payments can be made by either a single payment or on an installment plan and use either an eCheck or a credit/debit card.